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Social Media: Back to Spreadsheets

It’s a dirty word right now – spreadsheets.  IT departments want to remove our dependence on spreadsheets and convert us over to a secure, controlled, shared, and robust analytic environment.  I would love that!  But, I have a problem, social media.

I’m managing more properties and content that is outside the realm of my corporate environment but I still have to report back and show how it is doing.  The only way I can do this is by using several analytic tools across multiple properties.  I grab the stats I need and punch that into a spreadsheet.  Then, I go to my web analytics reports, grab those stats, and consolidate them with my social media data on my spreadsheet. After that, I consolidate my lead metrics with my internet metrics for a 360° view of my marketing efforts.

It is all very time consuming and open to data entry error.

Business Intelligence is great to track internal process, but it is doing nothing to help track activities outside the corporate environment.  So, I’m stuck with spreadsheets.  Can you help?

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2 Responses

  1. Tag shortened links with tracking codes so that they turn up in your analytics s/w.

    You could tag with the service, the network, and the original poster’s user id.

  2. Tom Toerner says:

    Using spreadsheets smarter is the answer to your problem. Try building pivot tables and connecting your data sources to allow you to slice and dice this information in many different views. Or, just contact LUCRUM, Inc. for help. LUCRUM has a BI solution that can get this done for you and it could only take days to complete (not weeks, months or years like other BI related solutions). Goto for more information. Good luck!

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