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Getting the most out of marketing is about how well you know your customer, connect to your customer, and move your Michele Goetzbusiness forward.  It’s all about your data.

Regardless what area of marketing you are in, you rely on good information.  How you use that information to be better marketers is both a challenge and reward.  It is what makes marketing more than just a creative outlet, it becomes art.

In the end, marketing is about driving business success and today we as marketers are more than ever required to show value to our company in a return on investment.  This may be monetary or it may be the ability to secure market leadership.  Whatever the outcome we are tasked with, the ability to manage information and measure success allows us to improve as well as show our success.  Who wouldn’t want to have concrete evidence of success?

So, here is where I will share my experiences in market intelligence, performance management, and CRM as well as what is developing to help us gain better insights to drive our business.


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